Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Month

I cant believe I have been in Peru for nearly a month already!!! It is crazy how quick it has gone....it scares me a bit to think that I only have 11 months left in this awesome place. So much has happened over the last month with my weekends being the highlights. Every weekend I have gone to the beach. I have partied, gotten as black as most people, eaten awesome food, swam in the freezing Pacific, watched a seal body surf and had the time of my life. I have seen people running through the streets covered in paint, drinking and singing, dressed in the awesomest costumes (Spartans!!!). I have been to the awesomest black market thing were everything is cheap!!! there are shoes and clothes and phones and dvd's from the floor to the roof in these little booths and it is awesome when you see a pair of shoes that you bought at the mall for more then twice the price you actually paid for them. I have also seen people in extreme . Once when we were coming back from the beach I saw this guy in the shabbiest clothes just sitting on a bunch of rocks in the middle of nowhere about 30m from the road...and it was just like wow....he has nothing. And this isn't just one guy, there are tonnes of people you see just in the street selling shoelaces for a living and it really make you feel like a bastard for not doing something about it. But anyway I have been a little bit homesick every now and then and the thing most I miss about australia is having a yard!!! it sucks if I want to kick a soccer ball around I have to go all the way to a big sporting complex and pay S/.10 and it sucks...but we might be fixing that up soon with Rotary and hopefully I will be able to get in for free!!! I have seen Penny a little bit, mainly at the beach but I should probably get out a bit more with her because during the week there often isnt much to do as the boys all lead their own lives. They try to incorporate me into it by taking me with them to their parties and to meet their friends and I have had some really good times with them. I am really excited to be starting school so I can make some friends of my own. Lots of people have told me Prescott is a pretty awesome school and that I will have a ball. So everything is going wonderful at the moment, today I had to get fingerprinted...not cuz I had done something wrong but because someone stole my watch....but apparently the Peruvian police doesn't have a fingerprinting system so they have no record of me :P I still haven't got a Visa either so I will have to work on that as well....don't want to get kicked out of the country now. Anyway I am having a ball and loving every second of it.

The Loose LLama

Friday, February 5, 2010

So much has happened since my last blog. I have been to the beach (it was amazing) and been out a few times with the boys. I have been shopping in the markets and have eaten a guinea pig!!! I have been hanging out with Nacho's friends and I have been introduced to some of Bruno's. I have had my first Rotary meeting and saw Penny for the first time since we got off the plane. Lots of stories to exchange. I worked out for the first time in Peru and nearly died. I have been sore for the last 3 days. everything is swell and I am going back to the beach for another weekend.

Friday, January 29, 2010

First Days


How are you all? I hope that everyone is safe and enjoying Australia Day. We are one day behind over here so I won't be celebrating until the 27th really. Anyway I will tell you all a bit about my travels. I left on thursday for Sydney and stayed the night with a lovely rotary couple. They took me to a rotray breakfast the next morning on a boat in the barbour and I could see the Harbour bridge and Opera House!! The flight left from Sydney to Auckland and then from Auckland to Buenos Aires. It was a 12 hours flight. Very long. Finally we touched down in Argentina and had to wait for a little while as our plane was delayed slightly. We then flew to San Poalo in Brazil, a city with a population of Australia. On the flight I met a lovely young woman who was a environmental lawyer fighting to save the Amazon...pretty cool right. We got into San Poalo at about11:30 at night and after passing through immigration and customs our group of exchange students gathered before the final door to Brazil. For most of the exchange students this was their final stop. When we burst through the doors the Brazilians went crazy. They were yelling aussie aussie assie and everything the atmosphere was great and I wished I was meeting my host family. Anyway Penny (the other girl going to Peru) and I were hosted by a lovely chinese couple and they were very hospitable, i mean they had dinner ready for us at midnight. The father was a classic asian and had the funniest asian laugh it was mad. The next morning they dropped Penny and I off at the airport and we were all on our own now. We checked in and went to our gate, only to find it was the wrong gate according to the flight screen...so we went to that gate ....and then after half an hour found out we had ot go back to the original gate...it was tiresome but we met a cool guy named dennis who was peruvian. He was a young man who had studied in malta for a few years...so i had a chat to him about malta and everything and he was pretty cool as well. The flight to Lima was felt longer than it really was, but finally we got in and I officially entered Peru!!! Penny and I both fell asleep in some chairs at our next gate, clutching our bags closely to us as we had to wait for about 4 hours for our flight from Lima to Arequipa. After a few gate changes we were on the final leg our our journey. We touched down in Arequipa and the first thing i saw was my host family. They were in the airport waving like crazy, it was so awesome. When we finally got through the airport we basically collapsed into their arms.

Iliana (my host mother) was celebrating her birthday that night so once we got home and I gave the family their presents, which they loved (mum all the boys use their australia wallets now :D) we all went out to dinner. At dinner I met the whole family, they were all very nice and interesting and I showed them plenty of photos which they loved. Dinner was pretty crazy as well with lots of interesting food of which i tried all of it. At around 10pm we went home and had a birthday cake for Iliana and they sung happy birthday in spanish. We talked some more and then most of the family left. Then the boys decided they would take me out to the centre of Arequipa to some clubs, it was 11pm and we didnt get home until 1:30am. It was possibly the longest day of my life but it was soooo good.

I didnt wake up the next day until around 11 and the family took me around to their grandparents house for lunch. They eat so much food here it is ridiculous. After the first course I was pretty full but i still had another course and some dessert to go!!! I managed to eat most of it, as it was delicious. I was then invited to play a card game with Nacho (the youngest host brother) and his grandmothers (of which he has three). They are the loveliest of ladies and i picked up the game pretty easily and managed to win it!!! I won 1 sole which is under 50 cents but it was still awesome. When we went home it was getting dark so the boys and myself jumped on the xbox. They play this thing all the time and I naturally sucked at it and got shot a lot but it was fun. In Peru dinner is not such a big thing and we just had some bread and pawpaw juice (which is awesome and they also have passion fruit juice which is heaven!!!). My sleeping patters are a bit screwed up so I woke up at around 3:30 in the morning and wrote some of this and chatted to a few of you until i fell asleep.

The next day was monday and Iliana had to work so i was left to the boys devices. I woke up suprisingly early and had a shower and breakfast but i was then immediately tired again and went to sleep until around 1pm when Iliana returned home from work. We ate a big lunch of corn and rice and potatoes in this sauce which was pretty crazy and then i had a small spanish lesson and fell asleep again. At around 5 in the arve Nacho took me to the International club which is a big sporting complex. It has a gym, a pool, basketball courts, soccer fields, a restaurant, the lot. We met up with some of Nacho's friends from his old school and played soccer from 6-8:30. It was a lot of fun and they are very good at soccer so i looked like a bit of a retard. I had my first experience trying to run at high altitudes and i was buggered after about 10 minutes. Also after not really moving for three days being on a plane and all my muscles were sore and I returned home a very tired boy. I had some yoghurt for dinner and a quick shower and went to bed.....but even though i am exhausted i still managed to wake up at 12:30am for the beginning of Australia Day. I am cooking anzac biscuits and damper for the family tomorrow so hopefully that goes without a hitch but it will be a test of my culinary skills.

I will try to write more often so you all don't have to read a massive email. I hope you are all having fun on Australia Day, and i wish you all the best.

Chau chau,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Over the Ocean

Friday 22nd January-It is 9:00pm and the sun is still up!!! Bloody New Zealanders.No wonder they went into sheep farming. I have been flying for ages it seems, I don't know the exact time. At the moment I am sitting just over the coast of NZ cruising over the Pacific Ocean. Let me tell you about my travels until now. I got into Sydney on Thursday arve and was picked up by a nice old Rotarian who went by the name of Ralph. He was pretty nice and he had a 1965 model yellow Triumph and he also had an old Morris Mini in his garage. After driving from the airport to his house I was firstly introduced to his two huge dogs. They were some breed related to husky's and they each weighed nearly as much as me! I was further introduced to his wife Marilyn. They were both lovely and we chatted about stuff and ate some dinner and around 7:00pm I asked if I could go for a nap..I slept until morning! I had no idea I was that tired. However the next morning Ralph took me down to Circular Quay to the Sydney Cove Rotary clubs morning breakfast. It was on a small boat in the Sydney harbour and I got to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it was awesome even if from afar. I enjoyed the breakfast and then headed off for the International Airport. I know I have been told many times before to have your passport and flight details ready before you check in, but for some reason my passport had decided to sit at the very bottom of my luggage even though it had been purposely placed near the top. So after a few tense minutes and me considering to ring mum and ask her were the hell my passport was I found it. There was a massive group of Rotary people at the airport and we all went through immigration and headed out to our gate an boarded the plane. I was about to leave Australia!!! As the plane flew down the runway it was final goodbyes for a year to the old sunburnt country. The flight to NZ went quickly and before I knew it I was in the NZ airport and passing through security. Our flight was delayed about half an hour so someone produced a deck of cards and a small game of moi moi ensured. By the way have I told you that all the exchange students are awesome!! Its a pity that they are all going to Brazil and I may not see them again. But it is good to make a trip with people just like yourself. And so we end up now on the other side of NZ on a 12 hour flight to Argentina. The clouds are like a bloody ocean rolling out to the horizon masked by the setting sun. I am flying into today, I mean how cool is that.

When we touch down in Argentina I will already of experienced the same day just the day before. Confusing isn't it! Anyway I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for Uni and working I am sure you will have just as good of a year as me. Over and out.

The Loose Llama

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Last Night in Australia

JUST ATE A MASSIVE FEED OF STEAK PARMIGIANA AND TRIFLE!!! Energy food for my trip. My last few days have been pretty hectic, saying goodbye to everyone and getting packed, but I think I am ready to hit the road. Did a bit of training this arve...walked 5km with 20kg on my back....nearly killed me. But it is good to know I can do it. Just getting the few final things ticked off the list....got jocks and socks...what more do you need? Mum has been mad crazy woman getting everything done that I should have gotten done a week ago. Lucky she was around otherwise I am sure I would not be ready to leave. I will be leaving so much behind, so many people but I know I am going to have the time of my life and I'll be sure to show you all the photos. I hope everyone has just a good year as I will. 

The Loose Llama